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nice work :)  <3

I love this game and the sequel they are just so well written. <3<3<3


This is... the best!!! It would be super cool if there were more action choices, and dialoge choices would be great too (maybe even a village to explore and trade...) but for a short game it is PERFECT!! It makes me want more and the emotion is so touching. THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME


I love all of your games, Raius, from the art to the music to the heart in all of the stories. Thank you!


Thanks so much! I'm currently working on Home 2 and I'll have an early test version here on itch on December 3rd in case you're interested to test it out and see if you like where it's going.

Awesome, really looking forward to it! :)

Playing it almost felt like I was reading a short story directly from a book, definitely was great even though it was on the relatively short side.

Hi, really enjoyed the story, with familiar RPG elements yet much more personal.  The soundtrack is excellent too, fits perfectly.

honestly, a story like this couldn't have been told in any other medium.

i loved it and i hope you work on more stuff. 


This was beautiful. I loved it! The only negative I can say is that I want more! I think of this more as an interactive story (no faults) but I loved the way it developed. I echo the music choice comment as well.


I love how the music starts after making 'that' choice, it was a really good touch and it made a surge of affection roll through me. *clap clap* I really enjoyed this game!


Congratulation! Very nice!

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Wow wonderful game! I had goosebumps throughout the story and was at a point near tears ... In a way, the game is about something, which I'm recently thinking about a lot ... and I think I learned something from it. - thank you <3

Thanks so much man, and thank you a million for the donation, this is the first purchase of a game of mine and I can't express how thankful I am that you enjoyed it so much that you donated.

I definitely have to give some of your projects a shot once I get the time to sit down with them. :)